The Ahom seat at Habung: An Offbeat Destination

Totally oblivious as to what to expect we started on a road trip to Habung which is located in Dhemaji on the north bank of river Brahmaputra. The only bookish information we had was that Swargadeo Chaolung Sukapha settled there briefly before finally establishing his capital at Charaideo. Of late the State Government has taken… Continue reading The Ahom seat at Habung: An Offbeat Destination

Me-Dam-Me-Phi: AHOM’S Ancestor worship

The life of the dead is set in the memory of the living Marcus Tullius Cicero The Ahom community of Assam practices their own unique customs and rituals. Me-Dam-Me-Phi is one of such ceremonies, in-fact it is the most important socio-religious ceremony of the Ahoms performed to show respect to the departed souls and remember… Continue reading Me-Dam-Me-Phi: AHOM’S Ancestor worship

The Na-Khua tradition – Thanksgiving in Assamese culture

O mur dharitri ai, soronote diba thai Khetiokor nistar nai, mati bin oxohai Doya kora doyaxila ai …….. …….. Mati ke xaboti dhori Mati ke sarothi kori Matir bukut sunit dhalu Jironi pahori Dhoritri ai mur Amak tumi neriba Tumar seneh bine ai Ami nirupai Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Assam is mainly an agriculture based economy… Continue reading The Na-Khua tradition – Thanksgiving in Assamese culture

Choklong – The Ahom Wedding Rituals & Dress

Choklong is the unique marriage ceremony of the Tai – Ahom community of Assam which is performed by lighting 101 earthen lamps.

Ranghar – The Tai-Ahom Heritage Monument

Rang Ghar in Sivasagar

Sahityarathi Laxminath Bezbaruah had composed this beautiful song back in the days when Assam was not economically sound. But the poet firmly believed that we, the Assamese, can never be poor. Ami Asomiya, nohou dukhiya Kihor dukhiya hom? Hokolu asil, hokolu ase Nubuju nolou gham. Sankare dile bishudh dharam, Lachite baahut bol Sati Joymotir satitwa… Continue reading Ranghar – The Tai-Ahom Heritage Monument