Naamghar: The Assamese Cultural Identity

Naamghar is a community prayer hall in Assam where people gather for religious and other cultural activities. The Neo-Vaishnavite saint Srimanta Sankardeva established the Satras and the Naamghars for people to gather and engage in naam and other cultural activities. Srimanta Sankardeva inspired the pan-Indian Bhakti Movement in Assam and propagated the Ek-Sarana-Naam-Dharma or Neo-Vaishnavism.… Continue reading Naamghar: The Assamese Cultural Identity

Mesmerising Majuli: The Land of Satras

Majuli is the riverine island in the mighty Brahmaputra and is the largest river island in the world. The beauty of the landscape, the green paddy fields, the meandering kutcha roads, the blue water of the Brahmaputra, the humble village life will leave you mesmerized once you set foot on the island. Majuli will give… Continue reading Mesmerising Majuli: The Land of Satras