The Seven colors standing firm besides symbolise unity and satiety. And though it inspires human heart, in itself is incomplete and forever thirsty. Such is human life, where you can inspire… But hardly can you escape this mire. You can spread smiles, But remain lonely for miles and miles.

The Silver Lining

The mysterious dark night has a lot to unfold, Brighter than the stars you behold; Suspend your thoughts for the day, To submerge yourself into this deeper bay. Where dreams are not remote and virtual, But truely an experience of the soul…. So, do not delay or be sad Dive into this darkness and feel… Continue reading The Silver Lining

The Best Gift from my Dad

When I was quite young, my dad gave me a gift…..a poem. It was an invaluable piece of advice from a father to his young daughter who had yet to experience life. I feel proud to say that I remember it till date by heart and feel happy to share it with you all. Plain… Continue reading The Best Gift from my Dad