Kati Bihu

Kongali Bihu is celebrated on the first day in the Assamese month of Kati (mid-October) and therefore also called Kati Bihu. This bihu is associated with crop protection and worship of crops and plants. Kati is a season of short supplies and hence no festivities or merriment take place as such. Kongali literally means dearth… Continue reading Kati Bihu

Barpeta Doul Utsav: The Festival of Colors

Barpeta is a very popular tourist destination in Assam mainly because of the Satras that are located here. Satras are associated with the ekasarana tradition of Neo-Vaishnavism propagated by Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva in Assam. Satras are like cultural institutions that preach the life of Lord Krishna and allow young boys to lead a disciplined life… Continue reading Barpeta Doul Utsav: The Festival of Colors