Best Place near Dibrugarh for Getaway this New Year

I love winters, and winters in Dibrugarh is like a cherry on top of a cake. The foggy mornings, the pleasant sunny afternoons, the breezy evenings and chilly nights are what you can definitely expect in Dibrugarh during winters. Afternoons are for enjoying fresh oranges as we sit outdoors to soak in the sun. Getting cozy by the fire in the evening, lit in the backyard, fire roasting new baby potatoes and engaging in endless conversations with our family are activities which we all love to engage in during winters.

Bogibeel Bridge at sunset
Bogibeel Bridge at sunset

I am born and brought up in Dibrugarh, so my loyalty stands with this place. It’s the perfect place to live. As the town is growing, as far as educational, medical, commercial, tourism and other sectors are concerned, it has become a far better place to live in. I have spent a good 10 years in Guwahati, but last year after moving back to my hometown for personal reasons I have realized how calm and serene this place is. The hustle and bustle of city life is not my cup of tea, and Dibrugarh has all my heart.

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Kanchanjangha Floating Restaurant

Kanchanjangha Floating Restaurant
Credit: Kanchanjangha official FB page

The Tourism sector is definitely booming in Dibrugarh. With locals opting for getaways and short day trips as a breakfree from their hectic lives, what’s in demand is a proper place where one can hang out with family and friends. The restaurants, lounge bars and the likes are compact, and sometimes we need bigger space and open areas.

During our days we could only hang out in Radha Krishna Temple located near AMCH campus. But now a lot of tourist attractions have been built and developed for people to visit. But one of the greatest blessings in terms of tourism in Dibrugarh is the Bogibeel Bridge across the river Brahmaputra. The bridge has opened up so many new prospects in promoting River Tourism in Assam.

Economy Class deck
Credit: Kanchanjangha official FB page

The first of its kind project initiated in Dibrugarh was the Kanchanjangha Floating Restaurant which is a venture of Bogibeel Eco Tourism Enterprise. It was formally inaugurated on November 28, 2020 and kudos to the people behind this project for initiating such a creative yet risky business. The land area of the resort spreads across an area of approximately 1.5 bigha by the beach side of the river Brahmaputra in Bogibeel ghat. It has a boat available for cruise named Kanchanjangha and that’s the main highlight, the floating restaurant. It also has a restaurant on the land area with cottage as well as open seatings, lodging cottages, kids play area, an open stage and lots of open space. There’s a nominal entry fee for visitors which is only 30 INR. And the biggest advantage for family getaway is that this is an alcohol-free zone.

Cruise on Kanchanjangha 2.0

I have visited Kanchanjangha resort twice, and it was only the second time I brought myself to take a cruise aboard the Kanchanjangha 2.0. Apparently, this is the second boat after the original one was discontinued and hence the suffix 2.0. So there are two decks with a complete running kitchen on the boat. The upper deck is called the Economy class and its charges are 300 INR with complimentary water and tea/coffee. The lower deck is called the Premium class and its charges are 700 INR with complimentary water, tea/coffee, 2 starters and a fruit salad. One can also order food from their extensive menu and enjoy the food while cruising the waters of river Brahmaputra.

Premium Class deck
Credit: Kanchanjangha official FB page

We opted for the upper deck because we wanted to get the feel of a cruise. As we got ourselves a table and settled down, we were given our complimentary bottles of water and handed a menu. We ordered some chicken pakodas to eat with our complimentary tea. As the cruise started classic Assamese songs of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, Zubeen Garg and others started playing making the environment lively. The view was mesmerising, calm blue water all around us, with some sand visible in the distant. We cruised under the Bogibeel bridge, along the sand at times as we enjoyed our Assam tea and snacks.

The one hour cruise is definitely worthwhile and all your deepest emotions come into play depending on your mood.

Snacks with complimentary tea on board

Cottages for Lodging

There are four cottages available for lodging in the resort area on land. Built in the traditional chang ghar style with bamboo and wood, these cottages offer basic amenities available in all eco-tourism places. Charges for the cottages are 2000 INR per night with complimentary breakfast for 2 persons. These cottages are of approximately 450 sq.mtrs. Washrooms for the tourists are built next to the cottages. Campsites are also available for night stay and the charges are 1000 INR.

Credit: Kanchanjangha official FB page

Open Space

For any family getaway to be perfect we need open space and Kanchanjangha resort offers you ample space. Kids can play endlessly in the sea-saws, swings, slides, or run around to their hearts’ content. Kids will love this place and I am saying this from personal experience. My kid played and ran around until he was exhausted and famished. He had a hearty lunch and slept throughout his way home. That was the biggest satisfaction for me as a mother. Every weekend I brainstorm and Google search for locations to visit in Dibrugarh with my kid. But unfortunately there are very few places which pop up, most of which are not kid-centric. But I highly recommend this place if you’re planning a getaway with your family. But since it’s near the river you need to be alert and follow your kid around. Don’t leave them on your own.

Also the area has an open stage in case you want to book this space for birthdays, family functions or other corporate events. The staff is very friendly and efficient which is an example of how able the management is. The food is also good and offers a wide variety.

Kanchanjangha resort is located near the Bogibeel ghat which is a popular picnic spot. Every year around this time people visit in large numbers for picnic along the banks of the river. Since the opening of this restaurant the number of visitors have increased manifolds and December – January is the peak season.


By Pallabita Bora Phukon

A non-conformist, a dreamer, carefree by nature, I am an entrepreneur who is ever so passionate about her work. After a series of jobs and few entrepreneurial ventures, blogging came into my mind and nothing better than highlighting Assam could be my priority since I am in love with my state. So embark on this enchanting journey with me to Assam.

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