What motivated me to write my first non-fiction travel book?

Success is not final;

Failure is not fatal;

It is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill

I wrote my first blog post when I was pregnant with my first baby after 8 years of marriage. I had my own agri-venture prior to that and an online boutique, but I decided to pause for the time being and devote time to myself and my unborn baby. Usually most pregnant ladies in India devote time to read holy books, engage in chanting and praying, and indulge in activities which have a good influence on the baby. And I had this sudden urge to write. So I started writing…for my baby…and for the sake of good influence.

My first year of blogging was in namesake, the second year an eye-opener and the third year I realized that there’s more to blogging than just writing. But inspite of everything I kept writing and after 3 years I finally authored my first non-fiction travel book taking inspiration from my blog posts.

My blog “Destination Assam” was conceived after technical guidance from my cousin who is a professional. He walked me through the entire process of creating an account and shaping my profile. I decided to write about my homeland Assam which has great tourism potential. It took me more than a year to figure out what and how to write without understanding much the basics of SEO. My write-ups during this one year was close to nil but nevertheless I didn’t want to give up. When my baby was 8 months old I started taking blogging seriously. Between messy pajamas and dirty diapers I devoted some time everyday towards research, conceptualizing and composing. And today I am still learning and growing.

Blogging is a full time job which requires patience, dedication and a lot of hard work. But my parents had totally no idea what it was, and they couldn’t even read my write-ups because neither of them owned a smartphone. I so wanted them to read my writings and this compelled me to take another big decision which was to convert my blog posts to a book.

For the next few months I carefully put together topics and content and planned the book in detail. Composition started, followed by editing and proof reading a multiple times. And after nine months of nurturing my dream and working hard towards achieving it, my book took shape as “Jajabor : Wanderlust Assam “.

CLICK HERE to purchase my book “Jajabor : Wanderlust Assam”.

The book will serve as a travel guide to anyone willing to visit Assam or know about its culture and traditions. I hope my readers will find the book very helpful as I take you on a journey through open fields and green pastures.

The book is available on Amazon, Flipkart, Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Kobo and Notion Press.


By Pallabita Bora Phukon

A non-conformist, a dreamer, carefree by nature, I am an entrepreneur who is ever so passionate about her work. After a series of jobs and few entrepreneurial ventures, blogging came into my mind and nothing better than highlighting Assam could be my priority since I am in love with my state. So embark on this enchanting journey with me to Assam.

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