Krangsuri Waterfall: Meghalaya’s hidden gem

Shimmering blue waters of the pool created by clear mountain waters of the river cascading down the small hillock is a treat to the eye. Krangsuri waterfalls is situated in Jaintia Hills, far away from the madding crowd. This, undoubtedly, is the hidden gem of Meghalaya which is gradually evolving as one of the most sought after destinations in Meghalaya. Nestled amidst the most raw form of nature, with green landscape and serene environment, like most of the other tourist attractions of Meghalaya, Krangsuri Waterfalls is one location you should include in your bucket list.

Krangsuri Waterfalls

There are a few activities you can experience in this location if you are an adventure seeker. Swimming in the pool is allowed with life jackets on and under monitoring by local guides. Boating is another activity to experience in the river waters. Overnight camping option is also available.

Krangsuri Waterfalls

Guwahati to Shillong:

Shillong is situated at a distance of around 100 kms from Guwahati and it takes around 3 hours of drive/ride through beautiful roads and picturesque landscape. Krangsuri waterfalls is another 85 kms from Shillong. Cabs and bikes are available on rent from Guwahati and no inner line permit is required to travel to Meghalaya from Assam. An overnight’s stay at Shillong is recommended since you have to do some trekking to reach the exact location of the waterfall which can be tiring and time taking too.

Ward Lake, Shillong

Soon after you enter Meghalaya from Guwahati, the first highlight of this road trip is Umiam lake, also known as Barapani. This is an artificial lakes created when the Umiam River was dammed to store water for hydro-electric power generation. The drive along the winding pine covered hills on one side and the lake on the other is only the beginning of the many picturesque locations that awaits you in your road trip.

Umiam lake

The road conditions throughout this trip from Guwahati to Krangsuri is almost perfect, as you criss-cross around the mountains and valleys, greeted by clouds and rain. The weather condition in Shillong is pleasant throughout the year which makes it the most popular getaway during summers.

Where to Stay:

Resorts, Hotels and homestays of all ranges are available in Shillong and prior booking is advised since it’s a very popular tourist destination. Police Bazaar is the central and busiest place in Shillong with many hotel and restaurant options available.

Book your stay at Shillong by clicking on this link:

Police Bazaar, Shillong

Places to visit in Shillong:

Ward Lake is another artificial lake centrally located near police bazaar in Shillong. The lake is surrounded by a Botanical Garden and has boating facilities available for tourists. The name of the lake was given after the then Commisioner of Assam, Sir William Ward who had planned the lake.

Laitlum Canyons is the most picturesque trekking destination in Shillong located 21 kms south of Shillong. With green valleys and mountains this place is ideal for a quite and peaceful getaway.

Laitlum Canyons, Shillong

Shillong Peak is located at a height of 6449 ft above sea level and is the highest point in Shillong. A panoramic view of the entire city of Shillong is visible from this peak.

Elephanta Falls located at Upper Shillong is a very popular tourist location. There are three levels of falls which can be accessed by tourists. At the foot of the fall is a stone shaped like an elephant which explains the name of the fall.


By Pallabita Bora Phukon

A non-conformist, a dreamer, carefree by nature, I am an entrepreneur who is ever so passionate about her work. After a series of jobs and few entrepreneurial ventures, blogging came into my mind and nothing better than highlighting Assam could be my priority since I am in love with my state. So embark on this enchanting journey with me to Assam.

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